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GD1Happy to present my ‘Geometric Drawings’ coloring books. Lots of energy flow through these pages!

Color your way to a mindfulness experience & breathe away worries and stress. These designs are programming based graphics that were a lot of fun to create: Generative Art. If you are into this… you will surely enjoy what you will find inside the pages of these books.

These books are available on Amazon sites and other online stores. Geometric Drawings 2 BOOK

The *next* coloring book comes with a change, cooling down the computer graphics and created to enjoy a more organic experience. I am working on it and in the next blog post I will be sharing a preview of the new book.

Below, I share random pictures of coloring pages from both books Geometric Drawings and Geometric Drawings 2.

No matter if you have done coloring books before or not, there is something for everyone. There is no step-by-step coloring but just simple abstract shapes and forms to color and run wild with imagination.

Wish you a great weekend!

Hugs, Nora


First Post

Website officially opens! I had been wanting for so long to be able to connect with others and be able to show my work as a painter & illustrator. So here it is!!

Changes will be seen in the followings weeks, while I upload my work to this site. I invite you to follow me and show you the products as they come out of the oven or drawing board.


Nora X.O.